February 19, 2018

EREN DATIS Poster presentation for ESA 2013

The Poster presentation for the DATIS project from the 2013 ESA meetings in Minneapolis, MN has been posted under EREN presentations.

EREN Members arrive at ESA 2013

Current and future members of EREN are arriving at the ESA meetings in Minneapolis.  If you follow tweets, updates will be posted though ERENweb.  Tweets for the ESA meetings are being referred to at the hashtag #ESA2013.

Day 1-EREN Members Interact on Current and Future Projects

Day 1 of All Members meeting involves sharing of status of current projects and possible future projects including current PFPP, DATIS, TURTLEPOP and WORM as well as new projects on Macrosystem NSF grant, Bird Collisions with Windows, Emerald Ash Bore, Student EcoCore and many others.

EREN Members meet at Trinity University for 2nd All Members meeting

EREN members convened at Trinity University today, June 23, 2013 for the 2nd All Members meeting.  The meeting kicked-off with a reception and dinner and welcoming by Trinity University President, Dr. Dennis A. Ahlburg and EREN member and Trinity faculty member Dr. Kelly Lyons.  Dr. Laurie Anderson presented updates on the EREN project.

EREN Leadership Team Meets in Raleigh, NC

The EREN Founders met February 9 and 10 in Raleigh, NC to review data management, new funding opportunities and the next EREN all members meeting this summer.

DATIS Project Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Posted

Frequently asked questions about the DATIS (Decomposition) project have just been posted under the ‘Research’ tab and ‘DATIS’ project link.

EREN Founders Meet at St. Olaf College Nov. 2nd and 3rd

The EREN Founders have convened at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN to discuss research, education and future funding opportunities.

Carthage College posts article on DATIS project for EREN

Tracy Gartner, member of the EREN leadership team and co-leader of the DATIS project with Carolyn Thomas from Ferrum College, is highlighted in an article posted by Tracy’s home institution, Carthage College.  See the article at:

Carthage broadens collaborative ecological research as part of EREN


New Web Page Section Added Under ‘Education’ Tab for ‘APPS and Programs’

A new section on the EREN web page has been established at the request of members at the all members meeting at Meredith in Raleigh.  This section is for useful apps and programs for teaching and research.  Feel free to send additional suggestions to Bob Pohlad at bpohlad@ferrum.edu.

EREN Members attend Ecological Society Meetings (ESA) in Portland, OR, August 4-10

Many of the EREN members are attending and presenting at the 2012 ESA meetings in Portland, Oregon from August 4-10th.  If you read Tweets you can follow the meetings at @esa.org or hash tag#esa2012 as well as by following our own tweets by Bob Pohlad at @ERENweb.