January 20, 2018



EREN Workshop at ESA 2017 in Portland, Oregon, August 09, 2017.


Images from EREN All Members Meeting, June 30-July1


EREN members meet at ESA 2016

A number of EREN members are currently attending the Ecological Society of America Meetings in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  They are meeting for lunch in Convention Center.

All Members Meeting at Ohio Wesleyan going on now!!

June 30, 2016. EREN members are meeting at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio from June 29 to July 1. Sessions include presentations on current and proposed research projects, workshops, and updates on the future of EREN by network coordinator, Dr. Laurie Anderson.

Two EREN Members Receive Eugene P. Odum Award

April 11, 2016. This summer, the Ecological Society of America will jointly honor Ferrum College’s Carolyn Thomas and Bob Pohlad with the Eugene P. Odum Award for Excellence in Ecology Education. This award is given to an ecologist who through teaching, outreach, and mentoring activities, has demonstrated the ability to relate basic ecological principles to human affairs. This is the first time in the award’s 16 years of existence that the Eugene P. Odum Award has been jointly presented.

Read this article to learn more about Bob and Carolyn’s achievement!

NEON Internships Available for Undergraduates!

December 17, 2015. The National Ecological Observatory Network (neoninc.org) is currently recruiting for next summer’s Undergraduate Internship Program which matches six undergraduate interns enrolled in STEM disciplines with NEON projects ( http://www.neoninc.org/learn-experience/internships/opportunities). We are seeking students who show promise for leadership and functional skills and, in particular, we encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply. All travel to and from Boulder, CO and housing expenses are paid by NEON and students will be offered a generous salary— all while gaining valuable professional experience working closely with NEON staff mentors on high-level projects. Additionally, our interns receive training and other opportunities to develop their communications, leadership and other professional skills that will help set them up for success in their future education and career aspirations.

Read more on the NEON 2016 Internship Site (http://www.neoninc.org/learn-experience/internships).

For additional information, please email internships@neoninc.org.

Dr. Laurie Anderson named Ohio Professor of the Year

Nov. 20, 2015. Project Director, Dr. Laurie Anderson has been named Ohio Professor of the Year.




New EREN Project Underway!

October 6, 2015. The newest EREN research project will focus on investigating clines and local adaptation in the common milkweed. This project is being led by Dr. Emily Mohl of St. Olaf College. Follow this link to learn more about the project and find out how you can get involved: Milkweed Adaptation

New project ideas are always welcome! If you have an idea, email your proposal to erenteam@gmail.com.

EREN Events and EREN Member Presentations at the Ecological Society of America Meeting 2015

August 11, 2015. Follow this link to see a list of the EREN Events and EREN Member Presentations that you can attend at the 2015 Ecological Society of America Meeting: EREN at ESA!

EREN Members to Attend Ecological Society of America Meetings

August 4, 2015. Many EREN members will be attending the Ecological Society of America (ESA) (www.esa.org) 100th anniversary meeting in Baltimore Maryland August 8-14th.  Follow posts on twitter or join us there! #ERENweb or #esa100