February 19, 2018

Collaborative Approach

One of our main goals is to foster and encourage collaborative research among ecology faculty from primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs). Time and physical resources can be limited at PUIs; however, labor, enthusiasm, and the ability to work on long-term projects are not.

As collaborators, we can discuss new ideas, share expertise, and utilize our research time and resources to create new learning opportunities for our students. We invite any interested faculty to join as researchers, educators, and resources users.

The projects listed under the research tab were ones chosen by the founding members of EREN and therefore reflect their collective interests and expertise. We welcome proposals for new projects at any time.

As with any collaborative venture, it is prudent to clearly lay out the expectations and conventions to which all participants are expected to adhere. This is particularly important with regard to intellectual property rights of data sets and manuscripts. All participants should familiarize themselves with our Data Sharing Policy.