February 19, 2018

Why Participate?

We welcome all ecology educators to join our network (it’s FREE!) simply by supplying some contact information.

Benefits to EREN Members:

  • Read about or experience a model for collaborative ecological projects at PUIs
  • Opportunities to participate in and develop collaborative projects that can lead to publication
  • Connections to PUI faculty with similar research interests
  • Access to protocols and teaching activities for integrating EREN projects into teaching
  • Access to the continental course module
  • Access to informative website  for PUI datasets and protocols
  • Professional development opportunities to learn new research techniques
  • Peer mentorship for faculty at PUIs
  • Periodic electronic newsletter

Levels of Participation:

Leadership Working Group and Founders
(18 scientist-educators representing 14 institutions)

MUTUALS  (Level 1)
Faculty Contributors, participating in one or more of the following:

  • Website and database management
  • Data creation and sharing
  • Project development and equipment sharing
  • Development and use of the course module
  • Writing annual reports
  • Attending EREN meetings
  • Authoring publications as lead scientists or coauthors
  • Project assessment

Faculty and student users who participate by:

  • Becoming part of the ERENetwork (list of ecologists and educational and scientific projects)
  • Accessing collaborative data for teaching purposes
  • Using a course module for teaching purposes
  • Receiving project updates
  • Joining website discussions
  • Participating in ESA meeting activities and workshops

Participants can move among levels by informing EREN of their desire to change status.