December 16, 2017

Emerald Ash Borer Project

Ben Dolan, The University of Findlay,
Jason Kilgore, Washington and Jefferson College,

Initiated: 2012

The objective of this project is to address questions related to the loss of ash (Fraxinus spp.) trees in forest communities, especially those impacted by emerald ash borer (EAB, Agrilus planipennis). In addition to the data collected by the EREN Permanent Forest Plot Project (PFPP), this project calls for additional data specific to EAB infestation and ash decline and loss. Additionally, this project examines the response by understory plants by following data collection procedures outlined in the Complementary Vegetation Survey (cVeg).


PFPP Protocols
This website provides information about and protocols for the Permanent Forest Plot Project, of which the EAB Project is a part. The PFPP protocols are used to quantify the overstory plant community.

EAB Protocols
This document describes research questions, experimental design (including site selection and plot placement), data collection and analyses, and timeline to publication.

cVeg Protocols
This website provides information about and protocols for the Complementary Vegetation Survey, which is used to quantify changes to the forest understory plant community. It is a required part of the EAB Project.

To assist you in mapping the location for your Subplots and Miniplots in square Plots, feel free to use this Plot Location Map, developed by Jason Kilgore. This Map has really helped relocate Miniplots when the vegetation is thick!


Data file templates:
EAB Indicators Data File Template
This data file template provides the column headings and sample data (highlighted) for the EAB Indicators and Understory Community variables. Download this file, replace the existing data with your data, re-save the file as “EAB Impacts Study – EAB Indicators – <site name> – <monthyear>.csv”, and email the file to Ben Dolan. After reviewing the data, Ben will add your data to a Google Sheet and make this document accessible to you.


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