December 16, 2017

PFPP Educational Resources

Class Activities

      Forest Species Composition Module (Using multi-site, student-collected datasets to explore forest species composition and dynamics: a computer lab exercise. Rachel Collins et al. 2016. Presented at REEFS: Resources for Ecology Education, Fair and Share at ESA Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL August 2016.)

Forest Species Composition Exercise – Student Instructions and Instructor Notes

Data (excel): Student Version

Data (excel): Instructor Version

Other Teacher Resources: (Tips for quality control, data analysis and student group work.)

  1. Data Assurance and Quality Control (Main author: Kathleen LoGiudice, Union College): PFPP Data Quality Assurance Instructions and Data Quality Assurance Example
  2. Suggested Student Assignments and Instructor Rubrics (Main authors: Erin Lindquist, Meredith College and Jerald Dosch, Macalester College): PFPP Student Assignments and PFPP Grading Rubric
  3. Group Work Ground Rules and Contract (Main author: Jerald Dosch, Macalester College): PFPP Group Work Ground Rules and Contract
  4. Group Work Evaluations (Main author: Jerald Dosch, Macalester College): PFPP Group Work Evaluation
  5. PFPP Logistics and Student Learning Outcomes 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the more commonly asked questions have been addressed on this page.  If you have additional questions that you feel should be included, please contact K. Kuers or E. Lindquist.

PFPP Collaborators Website (Materials Sharing):

A webpage, set up by Ben Dolan and Jason Kilgore, is now available for faculty to upload and share their teaching ideas and materials.

PFPP Database: Data Uploads and Downloads

For more information on the EREN PFPP database please go to:  On this page you will learn how to gain access to the database and upload and download data.   Registration is required and users who download data will be asked to complete a form indicating the intended use of the data.

Publication Guidelines

Should you wish to use EREN PFPP data in a publication, please check the online Authorship guidelines and data sharing policy posted on the EREN website, and contact one of the PFPP Lead Scientists.


The Permanent Forest Plot Project (PFPP) of the Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN) is supported by a Research Coordination Network (RCN) grant from the National Science Foundation.   The lead scientists would like to thank the Leadership Working Group and Founders of EREN for their support, advice, and comments during the development of this project.  We thank Paul Overvoorde, Macalester College, for allowing us to tailor the Group Work Ground Rules and Contract after his instructional materials.  We would also like to thank our numerous science education mentors who helped us further develop our teaching practices.  Some of these practices are included in this activity.

updated by K. Kuers and  E. Lindquist (Aug. 17, 2016)